As a general contractor, energy rater and home inspector, Dave Harrell has the knowledge and experience to be a valuable member of any residential building design team. Even if we are not the builder to be awarded the contract to build a home, we want to see every home built right. Dave Harrell has worked with clients as a consultant during the design phase, during construction or during a remodel. Whether it's sitting down with a cup of coffee and a set of plans or climbing onto a roof to discuss repairs, Dave will take the time to explain different options and their relative costs.

Dave Harrell's experiences in the residential construction industry have included everything from leading a framing crew to project cost estimator, from forming up concrete footers to inspecting hundreds of attics and crawlspaces. Dave's unique skill set makes him valuable as a residential construction consultant. Please Contact Us for a quote!



Building in Alaska comes with a unique set of challenges. Draw on our experience to avoid potential mistakes!